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Welcome to Fall 2019 CME! 

During this round of Continuing Medical Education, the focus will be on what has been covered within the last 3 years of CME (ie. airway, breathing, cardiac emergencies etc.).  There is also a new auxiliary skill, Humeral IO, which the physician group within the RPPEO has granted approval on.  Other skills such as CVAD, IO, Needle Decompression will also be reviewed.  

There will also be a large focus on patient safety and what that means.  The Quality and Patient Safety team have been working tirelessly on creating a Patient Safety Program which will be discussed during the CME.

The format for Fall 2019 CME will be scenario based with a debrief period following each scenario.  During this time, aspects of the scenario will be reviewed and discussed with the facilitator as well as with your peers.  All Paramedics are expected to participate in some manner during each scenario be it patient, bystander, crew, physician, RN etc.

We hope that you will enjoy the Fall 2019 CME topics and format.  We look forward to seeing you again!